Roofing Salesman Erin RenfrowI want to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Erin Renfrow.

Talking with Erin today you wouldn’t believe where he’s come from. Just a little more than 2 years ago, Erin was jobless, out of money and struggling just to get by. He told me:

It was horrible! I had nothing in the bank and I was at the end of my savings.”

He had been out of a job for two months and had just started working for a local roofing company in Oklahoma. Erin and I were connected through a mutual friend at Church.

Erin met with me. We talked and I told him: “I want to help you do the things you want to do and make as much money as you want. How much do you want?”

I gave him the option of staying in Oklahoma or traveling.

Erin chose to start in New York. In the 2 ½ months he spent in New York, Erin and a partner inspected and approved over 50 roofs that were replaced by insurance claims. (Our post “9 Big Reasons to Switch Careers” can help you do the math on the commissions they earned there)

After that, Erin moved back to Oklahoma to continue his roofing sales career. I asked Erin where he would be today if he hadn’t started working with me. His exact words were:

“I’d probably be at some 9-5 business job making ‘okay’ money and just enough to get by.”

Now, Erin has money in the bank, a brand new truck, is almost completely debt free and gets to travel whenever and wherever he wants.

Roofing Salesmen Truck

In Erin’s 2 years of working with me, he has personally been involved in $2.5 million of gross sales. Erin’s income has skyrocketed from where he was in the past working in the educational system.

Sure Erin’s starting to make some money, but what really motivates and drives him?

He said that it’s the freedom he now has. What freedom you may ask? Erin says:

“All of it. The freedom to work your own hours and not worry about where you’re at financially. For the first time I have extra cash that I can give freely without concern when I know someone needs it. I have the freedom to take time off, months at a time, and not worry about how much money is coming in.”

You’ll still find Erin out selling, but he likes to spend most of his time motivating and training new salesmen. Erin wants to help others achieve the same freedom he has now.

Erin told us that one of the biggest reasons he’s been successful is because of the motivation he receives:

Justin has motivated and helped me to do so many things. He has always kept his word and is always taking care of the people he’s working with.”

As a successful salesmen, Erin wants to tell you that there’s only two things you need to master in order to be successful in the roofing sales business.

  1. Get out of the truck and knock on doors
  2. Follow up, follow up and follow up

With that in mind… What are you waiting for?

Let’s talk and get you started TODAY.

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