Roofing Salesman Steve BarkerSteve Barker brings a hunger to the team that we like to see in all of our roofing salesmen. He’s looking to build wealth, and we’re excited to have him on our roofing sales team.

Steve was born in Germany and has traveled and lived all around the world. Growing up with parents in the army, he lived in places like Japan, Mexico, California, Oregon and Washington (just to name a few).

He currently owns and runs his own financial services business. With a past in farming, real estate, construction and agricultural sales, Steve is an entrepreneur ready to take on anything that’s coming his way.

Steve grew up and spent a most of his childhood in Walla Walla, Washington and then moved to Tokyo, Japan with his parents after high school. He can now fluently carry on a conversation in Japanese.

After finding Justin through a friend on Facebook, despite having absolutely no experience in the roofing industry, he decided to move to New Mexico from Missouri and start his career as a roofing salesmen.

And it’s starting to pay off.

Within his first few weeks in New Mexico, Steve already had over 30 roof replacements approved or in process of approval. He’s not letting anything stop him from getting started (even a major snow storm). Right after moving to New Mexico, he found himself in the middle of a big snow storm. He said, “I thought I moved to the desert to get away from snow.”

Steve wants to change people’s lives. He’s an avid reader, writer, fitness and poker enthusiast. He wants to specifically help young people (ages 18-30) succeed and pursue anything and everything they want to do. He finds joy in helping others succeed.

No matter where he lives, Steve wants to make roofing sales his career. He’ll be moving to Las Vegas in a few months and plans to continue with the Roofing Life team there.

We’re excited to welcome Steve. His motivation and determination are going to help him accomplish great things.

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