Roofing SalesmenRoofing Life welcomes Aleks Parker to our roofing sales team.

Homeowners in and around Tulsa will benefit from Aleks’s knowledge of construction, his attention to detail, and his unwavering commitment to integrity and customer service.

Aleks brings to Roofing Life a construction background, most recently working on a concrete team building the multi-million dollar expansion at River Spirit Casino.

He’s worked as a painter, golf course attendant, and has a background in the food service business.

Aleks was born in Claremore, Oklahoma, and grew up in Tulsa, where he currently lives with his wife Alacia and their great dane, Gramps.

Those rare times he’s not working his tail off, you may find him working on building decorations for his wife or creating something out of wood.

A little known fact about Aleks is that he’s secretly phenomenally good at working out math equations… which comes in very handy in the roofing business.

God, family, and goals drive Aleks. He is motivated to deliver excellence and to be a great steward of the time given to him by God. He cares deeply for and loves his wife and family. And he aggressively works to set and accomplish his goals.

Interestingly, these values all line up with those we hold dear at Roofing Life.

Aleks learned about Roofing Life through a friend and has hit the ground running, meeting with dozens of homeowners and completing several roof inspections his first week on the job.

When asked what most excites him about working with Roofing Life, he said: “I’m most excited about getting to work with Justin, he’s such a giving guy and has an awesome vision for where he wants the company to go.”

We’re excited to have him on our team!

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