Roofing Salesmen Aleks ParkerBack in December I introduced you to one of our new salesmen, Aleks Parker (you can read his story here). Aleks had switched over from working in the concrete construction business.

Out of curiosity I wanted to know what his experience was working in that industry versus the wonderful world of roofing sales. As you can imagine, he told me it was hard work, but the money was good.

Aleks said: “I don’t have any problem with working hard, especially for good money, but when I can work hard with less labor for more money, I can’t argue with that.”

I don’t think anyone could argue with that.

I’ll be honest with you, roofing sales isn’t by any means easy work, but it’s not hard labor. Aleks told me that he would spend between 60-80 (long) hours working in concrete construction.

I asked him what he would be doing if he had never had the opportunity to come and work with me. Aleks said: “I’d probably still be in concrete, toughing it out and working my way up the ladder.”

Aleks is a hard worker and he wasn’t looking for an easy ticket out of hard work. That’s the kind of person I’m always looking to add to my team.

So when I asked Aleks why he decided to switch, he told me the money he was making in construction was really good but it can’t compete with what he makes (and will make) in roofing sales.

Aleks said: “With roofing sales, there’s no cap to what you can make… You decide how much you’re going earn.”

This is Aleks’ first sales job. He has no prior training or experience in sales, but he came with a willingness to help others and work hard to get what he wants.

That’s all you need. I can help you with everything else.

Aleks started off slow in his first couple months, only closing on 1 roof, but that didn’t stop him.

He told me: “I was discouraged my first couple months, but then I realized I was getting practice from every ‘no’ I received.”

Aleks learned to stop getting discouraged by all the no’s he was receiving, learned how to handle customer objections and started knocking on more doors.

Working 30 hours a week, Aleks now averages 4 roofs per week. His current goal is to stretch that average to 11 roofs per week.

I’m proud to have him on my team and I’m confident he’s going to hit every goal he sets for himself.

You can too!

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