Roofing Salesmen AJ McBrideI’d like to introduce you to AJ McBride. He works with Roofing Life.

AJ was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He has always had a heart for staying fit and helping others by motivating them to stay fit too.  After high school, he moved to Melbourne, Florida to pursue a career as a CrossFit trainer.

AJ knows how to set a goal and get it done.

He’s always up for a good challenge. And once his mind is set, there’s nothing stopping him.

AJ is always looking for ways he can improve his skills and invest in himself.

That hunger led him to one day to 10X motivator and sales trainer Grant Cardone. During some sales and motivational training, AJ came across an ad to become a roofing salesmen with different company. AJ caught a vision for the opportunity and decided to move to Las Cruces, New Mexico to start selling roofs.

Unfortunately once he arrived, working with the company that brought him, AJ started to feel like the roofing biz wasn’t at all how he thought it would be.


After a week or so on the job, AJ ran into Justin (who happened to be working in Las Cruces). They talked briefly, Justin gave him a few inspection tips and asked him how he was liking the business. AJ told him about his lackluster experience so far.

Justin, convinced there was something special about this guy, offered him a job on the spot.

AJ accepted…

And he started working with Justin. It changed his whole outlook on roofing sales. After just a few weeks on the job, AJ began crushing his numbers, with 20+ jobs in the works.

He’s continued that same trajectory and his project volume and project size continues to grow.

AJ plans to travel wherever the market takes him. He’s willing to go wherever he can be the most successful. And he told us:

“With the motivation and training I’ve gotten from Justin, I know I’m going to be able to 10X my income by the end of this year.”

When he’s not out selling roofs, you’ll find AJ doing anything he can to push himself every single day. Whether at the gym or selling roofs, AJ is ready to keep moving and we’re excited to have him on board.

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