When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them

“I help home owners and business owners get new roofs after storm damage.”

But what I really want to say is

“I give people the opportunity to really change their lives and get ahead. I love the hunt and excitement of helping people after a storm. I also love giving my clients something (a new roof) that they really need, but that they don’t have to pay hardly anything to get.”

I’m Justin Reichl. I’ve been in the roofing & construction business for 20+ years. My wife and I live in beautiful Bixby, Oklahoma on 10 acres with our four kids. My time is spent helping & training others to become successful. When it comes to growing a roofing business and building sales teams, I’m the real deal.

  • My feet have personally walked on tens of thousands of roofs
  • I’ve hired and trained roofing salesmen all over the country
  • My companies have generated over $100 million in sales
  • I was named a 2010 Top 100 Roofing Contractor
  • I have a HUGE network of roofing contractors and industry professionals
  • I love giving bonuses for hard work
  • My main mission in life is to help people get the things they want in life
  • I’m super big on motivation and lifelong education… always learning

And when I’m not working and selling roofs, I can usually be found with friends and family… on a boat, at a wakeboarding competition, a wrestling tournament, or traveling on some action packed adventure. I’m teaching my kids how to be entrepreneurs, and my son, Jaden, is already delivering live sales training seminars online.

If you really want to know some nitty gritty details about me, just read on…

There’s a story here:

  1. I’ve officiated weddings as an ordained minister
  2. I have my private pilot’s license
  3. The first place I ever kissed my wife was on a roof at Lake Kiowa, TX in 1995 (before I became a roofer!)
  4. My favorite movie of all time is Jerry Maguire – my favorite line is when Cuba Gooding says, “I love everybody!!”
  5. I once pedaled through London, Paris, and Rome on a folding bicycle
  6. I almost got arrested by a police officer while riding a train through Switzerland (same trip as the bicycle adventure)
  7. I like watching Barbie movies with my daughters, and I’m always up for a good chick flick, usually crying at some point
  8. I’m living proof that your passions can be bankrolled by your business – and that it’s never too late to make your dreams a reality, to start over, and to start winning no matter where you came from!

Certifications & Associations

  • National Roofing Contractor

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The Reichl Family

Justin Reichl Roofing Sales Success
Roofing Sales Success Jaden Reichl
Roofing Sales Success
Roofing Sales Success
Justin Reichl Roofing Sales Success
Justin Reichl Roofing Sales Success
Justin Reichl Roofing Sales Success
Justin Reichl Roofing Sales Success
Justin Reichl Roofing Sales Success

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